Inspire Fitness Personal Training George
  • Free initial body assessment, fitness testing and advice on way forward.
  • Customized training and nutritional plan : R500.
  • Weekly body fat and weight assessments, diet plan, weight and monthly body circumference measuring : R200 per month.
  • Beginners package which includes diet plan, 2 training sessions per week, weekly body assessment : R1 100 per month.
  • Training for a specific event e.g. sport race, bikini competition etc : Price varies.
  • Optimum package: 4 training sessions per week, diet plan, weekly body assessment : R1 800 per month.


For most people who aren’t obsessed with exercise and dieting, going to the gym without some help will be a futile undertaking.

You will find that a lot of athletes and serious gym goers either have training partners or personal trainers. This helps them push harder and motivates them to remain consistent. Consistency is key if you are after results that last, and it requires a comprehensive understanding of exercise and nutrition.

This is why the value of training with a personal trainer cannot be overlooked.

I offer you:

  • A professional fully-equipped gym/studio.
  • Training programmes suited to your specific needs.
  • Weekly body fat assessments.
  • Nutritional guidelines and meal plans.
  • Specializing in weight loss training.
  • Professional advice and guidance in all fitness related training.


Pilates is a proven exercise programme that develops core strength – building up long, strong muscles that give your bones the support they need.

Pilates is an excellent way to protect against osteoporosis and spinal degeneration. It is also ideal for treating and healing previous injuries.

Combining Pilates with cardio-workouts and personal training will give you a longer, stronger, leaner body that will get you effortlessly through your busiest days.


Inspire Fitness Personal Training George
Inspire Fitness Personal Training George
Inspire Fitness Personal Training George

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