Where:       Inspire Fitness Studio, 16 Mann Street, George

When:        Saturday mornings – Bookings Essential

Includes:   Body fat measuring, body circumferences, weight and fitness tests.

Why:          This gives you a good indication of where you are physically, and advice will be given on steps that need to be taken to improve results.

Having a healthy weight and being fit lowers the risk for all types of diseases and physical problems as you age.

You will also feel better and have more energy if these factors improve.


The Benefits of Weight Training

* Helps prevent injuries and bone loss

* Burns calories throughout the training session, and increases metabolism to burn more calories during the day and rest time

* Gain muscle tone

* Increase flexibility

* Burn fat

* Staves off disease

* Regulates insulin and lowers inflammation

* Improves posture, sleep, mood and energy levels


Why have a Personal Trainer?

* Someone who holds you accountable for training

* Someone to motivate you to do more then you would do yourself

* Someone to correct your form and make sure you train correctly to prevent injuries

* Nutritional advice for your goals for weight loss and muscle tone

* Someone to keep you on track by measuring your progress consistently

* Makes training enjoyable

Contact me for more information and bookings:


084 310 3600